Genetics (BIOL 0470): An undergraduate biology course based almost exclusively on problem solving.   

Genetics Clinic: A place where students, peer teaching assistants, and course instructors meet to work on problem sets and exchange ideas


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What students have to say about clinic

It was really helpful to have TAs to to help ground my thinking, guide me, and confirm when I was on the right track. Clinic is really necessary.

I can say with confidence that clinic is so much more than a place to ask questions; clinic provides an inclusive and collaborative environment where students can learn and teach others.

(The) collaborative atmosphere fosters better learning and deeper understanding for the students.

 Clinic was a great place to collaborate with my peers and seek help from TAs if needed.
As a TA (I have) the chance to experience different learning methods and see the different ways students solve problems.

Genetics Clinic is a great way to receive help solving questions, and it allows you to receive immediate feedback on your problem sets. Plus, the TAs are super cool!
(Clinic is) an environment that fosters collaboration and curiosity.

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Sample Assignment Feedback