STEM Course Exam Planner

We have gathered exam times for large-enrollment STEM courses that are typically taken simultaneously by many of our entry-level science students.

The goal is to provide instructors, students, and advisors with this information so they can be aware of exam time conflicts and plan accordingly.
Ideally, course leaders would plan exams to prevent multiple exams within a few days of each other.

Why are we doing this? We want our students to succeed in their science courses and this is part of a HHMI-supported effort to enhance engagement and student retention in STEM disciplines.

Course Exam Dates

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Faculty, please find your name/course on this google sheet and add your exam times in the appropriate cells on the tab called "exam times".

Or, simply send an email to [email protected] with your exam times and we will fill in the table.

  • The first tab on the google sheet lists this year's exam times.
  • The second tab on the google sheet lists clusters of courses that our first- and second-year students typically take simultaneously. (You can use this tab to identify potential exam conflicts.)