Bottom-Up Customer Research with Danny Warshay

June 16, 2015

Danny Warshay has probably been there, and, chances are, he's done that. From developing his own companies to teaching students across the world how to do the same, he's gained invaluable insight into the world of entrepreneurship. His class, The Entrepreneurial Process, is the highest-rated course at Brown and is also offered as part of the Tel Aviv University MBA Program. As a B-Lab Mentor, Danny hopes to share some of his experiences and elevate B-Lab ventures to the status of some previous student projects he's had a hand in growing.

Danny took the time to present to B-Lab participants Monday, speaking about customer research in entrepreneurship. The teams left with a set of new tools with which to engage their target markets. Each team had an opportunity to workshop different bottom-up approaches in their customer discovery process. 

Danny will continue to provide mentoring services for B-Lab participants throughout the duration of the program.