Healthy Roots Has Young Model Call at B-Lab

July 2, 2015

Today's B-Lab guests brought a refreshing and contagious energy to Studio 1. As part of a regional public outreach campaign, the Healthy Roots venture team put out a model call for young girls of color with naturally maintained hair from the Providence and Boston areas. It's all part of the empowerment movement Healthy Roots is playing a part in by creating realistic and naturally-inspired dolls.

For the majority of Thursday, girls aged 3-12 stopped by with their parents to smile for Healthy Roots's cameras. All the while, team members were on the scene to answer questions about their mission, next steps, and, of course, when and how they'll be manufacturing and selling dolls.

For Healthy Roots, this was excellent practice in Bottom-Up customer research. By interacting with a selection of their target demographic in a comfortable and encouraging environment, they were able to collect qualitative data to get a better grasp of their market's wants and concerns. To learn more about Bottom-Up customer research, check out the write-up from Danny Warshay's B-Lab lecture.

Healthy Roots is the brainchild of Yelitsa Jean-Charles, a member of RISD's class of 2016 in the BFA Illustration program. She was accepted in 2015 as a Brown Innovation Fellow for Healthy Roots, and subsequently joined the B-Lab with two other RISD students (Nitashia Johnson and Ingrid Nelson) and a Brown student (Anisa Holmes). For more information on their venture and other ventures in the B-Lab program, visit our venture team page.