2016 awardees

CHI3L1 and its receptors in pulmonary fibrosis

large_Yang Zhou.jpg

Yang Zhou, PhD 
Brown University 

large_Barry Shea.jpg

Barry Shea, MD
Rhode Island Hospital 

Mentor: Jack Elias, MD 


A sensor-enabled circadian light system for improving student alertness and focus in Rhode Island’s schools


Gustavo Fernandes, PhD
Brown University 

large_Van Reen.png

Eliza Van Reen, PhD
Bradley Hospital 

Mentor: Mary Carskadon, PhD
Mentor: Jimmy Xu, PhD


Brain/behavior mechanisms of emotion dysregulation in adolescents with Mood and Anxiety Disorders (MAD)

large_Kerri Kim.jpg

Kerri Kim, PhD
Bradley Hospital 
Brown University 

large_Kunal Mankodiya.jpg

Kunal Mankodiya, PhD
University of Rhode Island 

Mentor: Daniel Dickstein, MD 


Community-engaged tribal research to assess dietary exposures to mercury and PCBs

large_Marcella Thompson.jpg

Marcella Thompson, PhD
University of Rhode Island

large_Elizabeth Hoover.jpg

Elizabeth Hoover, PhD
Brown University 

Mentor: Alison Field, ScD
Mentor: Gregory Wellenius, ScD 


Mitochondrial ROS-Dependent Modification of RyR/BKCa Signaling Axis in Diabetes



Richard Clements, PhD
​Ocean State Research Institute of the Providence VA Medical Center, Vascular Research Lab 
Rhode Island Hospital, Cardiothoracic Surgery Research/Cardiovascular Research Center
Brown University, The Warren Alpert Medical School 

large_Sodha, Neel.jpg


Neel Sodha, MD
Rhode Island Hospital 
Brown University, The Warren Alpert Medical School 

Investigator: Dmitry Terentyev, PhD
Mentor: Frank Sellke, MD
Mentor: Samuel Dudley, MD, PhD


Meniscal Repair Using a Novel Subset of Cartilage-Derived Human Stem Cells

large_Jayasuriya Headshot 2017 (2).jpg

Chathuraka Jayasuriya, PhD
Rhode Island Hospital, Department of Orthopedics
Brown University 

large_owens headshot 1 (2).jpg

Brett Owens, MD
The Miriam Hospital 
Rhode Island Hospital
The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

Mentor: Michael Ehrlich, MD 
Mentor: Qian Chen, MD, PhD