Sponsored by the Brown University Division of Biology and Medicine and Advance-CTR 

In this year-long program, selected faculty (known as Scholars) will participate in bi-weekly sessions and engage in structured writing activities and surveys. By the conclusion of the program (October 2021), Scholars will have prepared and submitted an extramural CDA application.

The program trains and supports highly qualified junior faculty in the preparation of individual, extramural career development award (CDA) applications (NIH K series or equivalent), and connects them to resources, mentorship, and other career development opportunities. The Advance-K Scholar Career Development Program encourages applications that emphasize community engagement.

Read about Sebhat Erqou, MD, PhD, and Harrison Bai, MD, 2019 Advance-K Scholars who received career-development awards as a result of the program. 

About the Program

Up to 10 Scholars are selected annually to participate in the program. Junior faculty candidates pursuing a career in clinical research or translational research from Brown, URI, and the affiliated hospital systems are eligible to apply. 

Advance-K Scholars will follow a common curriculum along with a customized set of activities to meet individual learning goals. Advance-K Scholars are required to participate in 2-hour, bi-weekly training sessions on Wednesdays (3 – 5 p.m.) throughout the duration of the yearlong program. Scholars are expected to submit an application for individual funding (K01, K08, K23, or CDAs from the VA or foundations) by the end of the 12-month program period.

Individualized training will be accomplished through various methods including:

  • Development of a Mentorship Team
  • Individual Meetings with the Advance-K Leadership Team (Drs. Sharon Rounds, Ulrike Mende, and Audra Van Wart
  • Project development support 
  • Bi-weekly Advance-K sessions focusing on grant preparation, budget development, Responsible Conduct of Research, mentorship, and/or other professional development goals
  • Opportunity to network with other junior faculty clinical scholars
  • Grantsmanship training and advice
  • Participation in appropriate Advance-CTR, university, and industry-sponsored workshops
  • Mock Study Section Review of the final draft proposal

Greatest consideration will be given to applications with strong institutional and mentor support, and all applications specifically require:

1. Mentor commitment to provide the Scholar with guidance toward proposal development (including review of drafts), and participation in periodic Advance-K activities (such as a mock study section).

2. Mentor commitment to participate in the NRMN-based mentor training provided by Advance-CTR, should the Scholar’s extramural proposal be funded.

3. Chair statement of commitment to at least 20% protected time for participation in the 2- hour bi-weekly Advance-K sessions and grant writing. The chair must also commit to 75% protected time if the applicant is successful in securing an extramural career development award.