Biobank services and support are available to Rhode Island investigators through Advance-CTR’s Clinical Research Resources and Facilities Core. 

New! Covid-19 Biobank 


CRC Biobank: 

Located in the Lifespan Coro complex in Providence, the CRC Biobank supports biospecimens that:

  • Require processing
  • ​Have already been processed
  • Are stored short-term and released
  • Are stored long-term and released
  • Are stored long-term with an unknown release date
  • Are from the research community
  • ​​Are from a commercial source

 Any biospecimens collected under a Lifespan IRB-approved protocol are eligible for storage in the Biobank.

 The Biobank can support the following types of biospecimens:

  • Plasma
  • Serum
  • Solid tissue (FFPE/slides)
  • Whole blood
  • Peripheral blood cells or bone marrow​
  • RBCs, PBMCs
  • Saliva or buccal cells
  • Urine
  • Cerebral spinal fluid
  • Cord blood
  • Cord blood derivatives
  • Other biological specimens

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Meet the Biobank Supervisor, Rony A. Lopez

rony_biobank_web.jpgRony A. Lopez has nine years of experience in the healthcare field, with a focus on management of medical lab operations. His work has spanned healthcare finance to work in the Lifespan Surgical Pathology Lab. Rony received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from Rhode Island College.


In his current role as supervisor of the CRC Biobank, Rony provides administrative leadership by managing, planning, and implementing all operations of Biobank. Rony is available to assist investigators with Biobank services and support, to ultimately help them achieve their research goals.