Director: Elizabeth S. Chen, PhD

Develop, deploy, and evaluate computational and data science approaches that use biomedical and health data to improve patient care

The Biomedical Informatics Core provides experience and expertise for supporting research endeavors across the full spectrum of biomedicine:

  • translational bioinformatics (molecules and cells);

  • clinical research informatics (clinical research);

  • clinical informatics (healthcare delivery);

  • consumer health informatics (patients); and

  • public health informatics (populations).

Investigators have access to a team of highly qualified data scientists who provide expertise in biological sequence analysis, data capture and management, biomedical data integration, knowledge representation and discovery, natural language processing, and decision support.

Long-term, the Core aims to transform the environment for clinical and translational research in Rhode Island by enabling integrated access to electronic health databases, research networks, providing core informatics support, and instructing researchers on implementing and applying newly developed resources for epidemiological studies.

Specific aims: 

  1. Develop and support the cyberinfrastructure needed to enable effective collaborative clinical and translational research.

  2. Promote and advance professional development in biomedical informatics through workshops and online resources in Rhode Island and across the IDeA network.

  3. Support the implementation and maintenance of Advance-CTR's administrative tools to monitor the use and impact of resources.

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Education and Workshops 

The Biomedical Informatics and Cyberinfrastructure Enhancement Core also operates the Brown Center for Biomedical Informatics. Learn more about the Center here