This Core offers complimentary Drop-In Sessions to all faculty at Brown, URI, and the affiliated hospital systems. See the complete schedule

Study design and preparation support

A team of experienced statisticians and methodological experts are on-hand to help investigators prepare their proposals pre-award, and plan their projects upon receipt of funding. 

Pre-award services:
  • Positioning of specific aims and hypotheses 
  • Measure selection
  • Power analysis 
  • Data analysis planning 
Services after funding is awarded:
  • Decision support services
  • Data acquisition and management 
  • Consultations to assess the impact of potential design changes on final statistical influence 
Data analysis and results interpretation

Investigators may consult with the Core's team of biostatisticians on how to conclude their trials and understand results. 

Services include: 
  • Implementing data analysis plans
  • Statistical analysis consultations 
  • Selecting and accessing statistical analysis software 
  • Coaching to best utilize statistical analysis software 
Manuscript and grant proposal writing

In their final stages of reporting and publication preparation, investigators may seek assistance with: 

  • Write-ups
  • Data visualizations
  • Integration of interpretations in the broader context of the project
  • Addressing comments from peer reviewers