Director: Christopher H. Schmid, PhD
Co-Director: Jason T. Machan, PhD

Empower junior investigators to design, interpret and publish impactful research

The Clinical Research Design, Epidemiology, and Biostatistics Core serves clinical and translational investigators in need of quantitative and qualitative research design and analysis support. The Core links investigators with multidisciplinary faculty members and experts in various methodological techniques including biostatistics, epidemiology, qualitative data techniques and measurement and evaluation in health-related research.

The Core offers a "Storefront" of services to assist investigators from the early planning and preparation stages through to publication. They include:

  1. Services and resources: Support in study design, collection, management, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data using procedures that ensure quality control and reproducibility of all analysis
  2. Education and mentoring: Training materials in study design, epidemiology and biostatistics for early and mid-career investigators
  3. Tools and method development: Develop, validate and disseminate innovative design and analytical methodology arising from clinical and translational research problems

Related Services:  

Study design and preparation support
Data analysis and results interpretation
Manuscript and grant proposal writing