Advance-CTR strives to foster a research community in Rhode Island that is rich in diversity. This means supporting the professional development of researchers of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, ages, nationalities, abilities, political and spiritual beliefs, economic status, and sexual orientation. 

The faculty and staff who make up Advance-CTR, as well as its partners, know that only a research community that reflects the population for which it serves will advance health discoveries in the state. Moreover, researchers themselves benefit from diverse working groups. Research shows that such groups are more productive, creative and innovative than homogenous groups. 

Infrastructure, both physical and institutional, is the foundation for ensuring a diverse research community. The universities, hospital systems and community partners that make up Advance-CTR have made it a priority to build communities that embrace diversity and support individuals who are underrepresented in academic and professional settings.

Advance-CTR works to leverage the groundwork laid by its partners to encourage all individuals, especially those who are underrepresented in the sciences, to pursue careers in clinical and translational research.

The National Science Foundation identifies women, persons with disabilities, and individuals who racially or ethnically identify as black, Hispanic, American Indian and Alaska Natives as underrepresented minority groups in science and engineering.

A number of programs run by Advance-CTR provide opportunities for investigators to pursue research projects and access the resources necessary to succeed in their research. 

The Mentored Research Awards, one of Advance-CTR's annual funding opportunities, prioritizes applicants from the underrepresented groups identified by the NSF, and makes mentoring an integral part of awardees' research projects.

Mentoring opportunities will also soon be available to all members of the research community beyond the awards programs, through Advance-CTR's upcoming mentoring program and mentor database. These resources will help underrepresented individuals connect with senior mentors who can aid their professional development and guide their research.

Advance-CTR will also make available a number of training and networking opportunities to connect researchers from all backgrounds and foster strong working partnerships. 

More details on these programs and how to get involved will be announced this year. Please email [email protected] with any questions before that time. 

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