The Brown University School of Public Health offers two educational programs in Clinical and Translational Research: a Master's of Science (ScM), and a Certificate Program. 

The goal of the Clinical and Translational Research Program is to train clinicians and basic scientists to extend basic scientific research into the clinical arena, ultimately leading to improvements in individual and population health.  By translating basic research into improved clinical outcomes, researchers and clinicians are able to provide new treatments to patients more efficiently and quickly.

Hear what a few graduates have to say about the program: 

"If you really want to do research well, you should seek specific training in research. I felt like I needed that if I wanted to really make an impact. My mentored research experience has been excellent, and it's been really nicely complimented by the CTR Program course work, and the mentorship that you get through the School of Public Health." 

- Aaron Drucker, MD
Assistant Professor of Dermatology (Research)
ScM student in Clinical and Translational Research 


"The Master's degree in Clinical and Translational Research is ideal for physicians who want to build careers as clinician-investigators. The program provides rigorous training in study design, data analysis, grant proposal development, and scientific communication -- which are the foundations of clinical, translational, and health services research." 

- Amal Trivedi, MD, MPH
Associate Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice 
Associate Professor of Medicine 


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