Question: If I am working with data entry forms (no surveys) and I need an entire form to be visible or hidden (branching logic) depending on previous criteria how do I do that? Is it different for surveys?

Answer: If you are working in data forms with no surveys you must replicate the branching logic for each question in a form in order for a form to “appear” or not appear based on branching logic. However, for long data forms it is a tedious task to open each field in a form and copy and paste branching logic.

Our options are to either copy and paste the branching logic to all of the fields in the form via the data dictionary or we can set up our data forms as “surveys”, use the survey queue to determine when a form will show up and instead of doing data entry directly through REDCap we would need to open up the data entry forms as surveys and complete them that way.

For example:

If I had a project with numerous forms and the second form (pregnancy data) was only data that was meant to be filled out if my study participant was female. How could I get the pregnancy data form to show up in this case?

We could as we suggested earlier go into each variable and make the variable only show up if the field for gender was filled out for ‘Female.’REDCap example1.jpg

We could as we suggested earlier go into each variable and make the variable only show up if the field for gender was filled out for ‘Female.’

REDCap example2.jpg

However going to every field for a large form in the online designer is very tedious.

Instead we could use the data dictionary. Once we have filled out the branching logic for one field in the form we can download the data dictionary and replicate the branching logic for the whole form. After we have opened the data dictionary in excel we can copy and paste the branching logic into all the fields for a form. Save the document as a csv and upload to REDCap.

REDCap example3.jpg

REDCap example4.jpg

Now when we enter a new patient that is male and we save and go to the next form. The form will appear empty.

REDCap example5.jpg

REDCap example6.jpg

It is also possible to use the survey tools and set up a data entry form as a survey. In this case instead of entering data directly into REDCap we would have to navigate to our data entry tools as a survey and act as a “patient” filling out a survey. To do this we can use the Survey Queue. Once the survey feature is turned on (found on the project setup page) and all the forms of interest are enabled as surveys we can use the survey queue.

REDCap example7.jpg

REDcap example8.jpg

Once we are in the survey queue set up window, we must first activate the form we want, we then need to select auto start and then fill in our logic (same as previous branching logic).

Now if we navigate to our first demographics form as a survey and click submit. We see for a male entry our second form doesn’t show up.

REDCap example9.jpg

REDCap example10.jpg

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