Matchmaker, a new extension of the NIH RePORTER, can give your research proposal an edge.

Simply paste your abstract into Matchmaker, and the tool will analyze your text for key terms and produce the 100 most closely related projects. Matchmaker will also give you a graphical overview highlighting the study sections that reviewed projects similar to yours, the NIH institutes and centers that funded those projects, and the activity codes of the projects

You can also use Matchmaker to learn about the Program Officer who works with the most projects that look like yours. 

The system will return a list of up to 175 program officers, starting with those whose grant portfolio most closely matches your abstract. Click on a name to bring up a list of the PO's active grants. Are they in the same ballpark as your research? Start a conversation with the PO using the email located in your search results. 

Get started using this valuable tool today. Watch a full tutorial below, explore Matchmaker, or read more on