Drop-In Sessions for Qualitative Research Methods are now available every month at Butler Hospital. 

These sessions give you a chance to brainstorm your research ideas with our qualitative methods expert Rochelle Rosen, PhD. Drop-In Sessions are informal: Drop in whenever you have a question without worrying that your idea isn't very formulated yet. 

Drop-In Sessions are a Great Way to:

  • Get bite-sized feedback from faculty experts
  • Kick around a research idea to see if it has legs
  • Get help zeroing in on your needs
  • Find people who can help elevate your research
  • Form a larger collaboration 

Drop-Ins typically lead to a work plan and full consultation with Advance-CTR faculty. 

Butler Hospital
Second Monday of Each Month
Duncan Building, Room 145
9-11 a.m.

Next Up: Monday, November 11

See all upcoming Drop-In Sessions, or view the full calendar.