Lifespan and Brown have partnered to establish a Covid-19 biobank, housed at Rhode Island Hospital’s Clinical Research Center, to fuel research on this pandemic in our state.

The biobank includes the following samples:

  • Plasma (0.5mLs)

  • LI plasma (0.5mLs) 

  • Serum (0.5mLs)

  • PBMCs (0.25mLs / ~2.5M cells)

As of May 27, 2020*: 

  • 21 enrolled participants COVID + 
  • 9 enrolled participants COVID -
  • 2 participant results pending
  • Plasma samples: 684 vials at 0.5 ml/vial
  • LI plasma samples: 541 vials at 0.5 ml/vial
  • Serum samples: 522 vials at 0.5 ml/vial
  • PBMCs  samples: 150 vials at 0.25 ml/vial

*See recent updates.

The following data is available for each sample: 

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Health Insurance Status
  • Social History
  • Medical History
  • Family COVID-19 History
  • COVID-19 Symptoms Experience
  • Clinical Actions Taken

Request Process

Investigators may request access to the specimens via the Lifespan/Brown Covid-19 Biobank Request FormA multi-institutional committee composed of representatives from Brown, The University of Rhode Island, Lifespan, Care New England, and the Providence VA Medical Center will review the requests on a rolling basis.

Eligibility & Regulatory Procedures

Eligibility: All investigators at degree-granting institutions in Rhode Island are eligible to request access to Covid-19 biobank specimens.

Regulatory Procedures and IRB requirements:

  1. De-identified samples with no clinical/demographic data will require an IRB exempt letter from your institution.
  2. Samples along with associated clinical/demographic data will require the host institution’s IRB letter of approval.

If the researcher is not affiliated with Lifespan, data requests and sharing of specimens will require a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) or Data Use Agreement (DUA), as applicable. Institutional Authorization Agreements (IAAs) must be established between non-Lifespan investigators’ home institutions and Lifespan.

Sample Retrieval:

Investigators will pick up specimens by appointment only after receiving the appropriate approvals. Samples will be available for pick-up at CORO-West, One Hoppin Street, Suite 4.200. The researcher will be contacted with the time/date and is expected to bring all appropriate transport materials (packaging boxes, dry ice).

Fees & Citation Requirements

Lifespan will charge a cost per sample. 

Rhode Island academic- and hospital-affiliated investigators: 

  • $75 - Serum & Plasma
  • $125 - PBMC

Bio-pharma fees: 

  • $150/vial - Serum & Plasma
  • $250/vial - PBMC​

Investigators are required to cite Advance-CTR on any grants, publications, presentations and/or other products that result from access to the Covid-19 Biobank. Please contact [email protected] with any questions. 

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