Services Include: 

  • Planning Assistance: We’ll review any existing instruments you have to determine if they appear sound and if there are any caveats you might want to be aware of. If you have modified an existing survey to fit your needs, we’ll review and provide feedback about your changes.  

  • Survey Design: If you require a new survey for your project, we’ll work with you throughout each stage of this process. This includes developing good definitions of what you want to measure, item writing (below), item selection (to ensure you don’t over- or under-measure anything), and evaluation for a future survey and/or publication. 

  • Item Writing: We’ll help you write the items for your survey and select the appropriate responses to each item (i.e. education level and phrasing, and types of scales you can use to have participants respond to each item). 

  • Analytic Techniques: After you have your survey results, we’ll help you analyze the data to see how the scale worked with your population, whether the items are sound, and if there are any modifications that need to be made to measure what you are seeking. 

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