Clarice Pitta Chapman, class of 1933

Clarice d'Almeida Pitta, class of 1933

Clarice d'Almeida Pitta Chapman was born on April 6, 1910 to John Carlos Pitta and Anne d’Almeida. Clarice began at Pembroke in 1929 at the onset of the Great Depression, which greatly affected her undergraduate experience. After she graduated from Brown in 1933 with degrees in Latin and English, she struggled to find employment during the difficult economic times. She and her husband eventually settled in California.


Clarice Pitta Chapman begins the interview by discussing her family background and the circumstances that led her to attend Pembroke College. In Part 1, she also addresses the effects of Great Depression on life at Brown, her ambitions to study medicine, pursuing a career as a woman, and drinking at Brown during Prohibition. In Part 2, Clarice talks about her academic interests  and the various struggles she and her husband faced with the Great Depression.

The discussion in Part 3 covers a wide variety of topics, from the social pressures Clarice faced during her time at Pembroke to the state of modern youth and modes of public transportation.

Clarice concludes the interview in Part 4 with some anecdotes about her friends and personal experiences.

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Part 4
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Recorded on Jan 20, 1986
Interviewed by J.F. Rauch