About the Project

Project History

In 2010, Brown embarked on an assessment project aimed to replace MyCourses (formerly known as WebCT), which runs on Blackboard Learn System©, version 8.2. The assessment was a phase one goal of the Brown University IT Strategic Plan to ensure our learning management system met the needs of our community. The decision to launch the project at this time was expedited by Blackboard's release of a new product (version 9) accompanied by the announcement that the company will end support for version 8 by 2013. Blackboard Learn 9 is significantly different than 8 and because upgrading to this new version would be tantamount to moving the campus to an entirely new system, it seemed appropriate to explore the current learning management system environment and assess the needs of the Brown community in this area.

High Level Goals

  • Assess current campus needs in the areas of supplementing traditional face-to-face classroom activities and administrative tasks associated with teaching and learning.
  • Assess how a new learning management system should integrate with existing campus systems and plans for future systems.
  • Assess how a new learning management system could address growing interest in increasing Brown's online course offerings.
  • Identify a learning management system (or configuration of web services) to best meet current campus needs such as reducing obstacles for faculty use and providing access for participants outside the immediate Brown community.


  • Academic Departments
  • Computing & Information Services
  • Continuing Education
  • Faculty, Instructors, and Students
  • Dean of the College
  • Graduate School
  • Medical School