Alpert Medical School Redesign

Alpert Medical School Redesign of 2011
The Medical School gets more than a face lift

The Warren Alpert Medical School engaged WebServices to redesign and rearchitect their website in the Summer of 2011.  With help from campus partners, WebServices delivered a web presence that engages visitors, informs staff and students, and meets external communication needs.


With the launch of the new The Alpert Medical School (AMS)  building, the school's leadership wanted to update the school's website to more closely match the University's new look and direction. Additionally, AMS staff needed to update their own content instead of funneling content changes through a web developer.

The Solution

With AMS staff at the helm of the project, the first task was to revamp the content hierarchy to better surface content and communicate to key audiences.  Menus were completely overhauled to more logically structure data, to better follow best practices, and to provide greater harmony with the University's overall information architecture.

With assistance from partners in Public Affairs and University Relations, a customized theme was designed and implemented that closely ties AMS to Brown, yet highlights the organization's independence from the University. Careful attention was paid to ensure that the new look provides continuity with the old site as some legacy pages continue to exist during the site's migration.

Dynamic Lists that are easy to maintainDynamic Lists that are easy to maintainWebServices built dynamically generated lists of Hospitals, Departments, Residencies, Funding Opportunities, to make sure that content is up-to-date.  When a Department is updated, it only needs to be updated once, and the changes propagate throughout the site.  For added convenience, when a staff member is logged in, the edit links appear right next to the items.

Additionally, WebServices built an eye-catching slideshow on the front page that is simple, engaging, and works brilliantly on tablet devices.

At the very begining of the project, AMS reached out to WebServices.  No vendors were hired to work on the project, and overall savings to Brown can be measured in tens of thousands of dollars.

Custom Work

  • Custom Homepage Feature
  • Custom Slideshow
  • WebServices imported data from the old AMS web site including lists of departments, financial aid programs, and other resources.
  • WebServices built in a custom tool that automatically generates lists of faculty for each department.