Postering & Publicity

Facilities Management generally removes all posters each week on Monday or Tuesday. If it is not done by 3 p.m. on Tuesday, removal will wait until the following week. Note that there is daily removal for those posted in inappropriate locations (on trees, doors, etc.).

External Posting Locations

The following are outdoor postering locations on campus:

  • The Arch at the Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center (Please, leave posters at the Information and Welcome Center as outlined in the postering and publicity regulations.)
  • Corner of Brown and George Street
  • Wayland Arch
  • Upper Wriston by Wayland Arch
  • Lower Wriston Across from the Refectory
  • Upper and Lower Keeney Quad
  • New Pembroke #4
  • Grad Center, Thayer Street Entrance

Posting Inside Buildings

Posters placed inside buildings may only be placed in bulletin boards that have safety glass. Any posters, signs, or paper on corridor walls, doors, stairwells or other public areas are subject to removal without notice.

Please check with offices for how to post notices inside each building. For the Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center and Page-Robinson Hall, please leave copies of your posters at the Information and Welcome Center.

Sponsors are accountable for damages due to taping or stapling on interior or exterior doors.

Other Publicity Options
On-Campus and Local Media

Below is some information on how to advertise in campus and local media.

Brown Daily Herald (BDH)
To place an ad in the BDH, call 351-3372 between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. The business staff can discuss ad rates with you.

Take Advantage of FREE Promotional Opportunities!

Visit our Promote Your Event page for more ideas!

Publicity Regulations (Newly Revised 10/16/2015)

Student Groups and departments have 100% responsibly for advertising or marketing their events. If you are partnering with outside organizations, please be clear that outside groups must receive expressed written permission from Brown in order to advertise any event on Brown's campus.

These policies refer to all publicity, including banners, posters, table slips, flyers, websites, chalking, social networking websites and other promotional materials for events.  Student groups who have questions about these policies should contact the Student Activities Office (2nd Floor, Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center, 863-2341).

Community Standards

Groups and individuals are encouraged to consider the impact their promotional materials may have on the quality of the Brown environment for others. Sponsor contact information is required on all promotional materials to provide a means for dialogue in the event that members of the community wish to express any concerns or share their reactions. Part of the responsibility that comes with disseminating promotional materials is the willingness to dialogue with individuals who may have a different perspective.

For additional information, please reference Brown's Standards of Student Conduct, particularly Offense XIV.