Event Managers are experts on executing successful events on the Brown campus.  They support major University events such as Commencement, Convocation and Family Weekend and provide assistance to Brown academic and administrative departments with the planning and implementation of their programs.  

The level of support is determined after an initial meeting with the client to assess the specific needs of the event.  In the event that an Event Manager is unable to assist directly, we offer consultation services.  For more information about working with an Event Manager, please fill out an Inquiry Form.

Levels of Event Management

Our team can provide full event management assistance for events with complex logistics, events expecting a large number of attendees or ones that feature prominent speakers or visiting dignitaries.  If your event fits these criteria or has the possibility of significant impact on the University's image, please contact Event Management to work with our team.

For events that do not meet these criteria, we offer consulting services to provide best practices and the tools to make your event a success.  If you are interested in working with our team, please fill out our Inquiry Form and a team member will be in touch about your event. 

Services We Provide

A professional event manager can help navigate the policies and procedures related to producing an event on the Brown campus.  They can provide expert advice on many aspects of event planning at Brown.  The following is a small sample of our expertise:


Menu Planning

Audio/Visual Services

Event Space Selection

Event Security

Rental Equipment 

Event Design

Registration Services


Guest Management


Graphic Design

Consultation Fees:  UECS reserves the right to assess a 10% Event Planning Service Fee for their services for third party events.  A third party event is one sponsored by an organization that does not hold a University controlled account.  Please visit the third party event page for more information.

The Event Planning Service fee does not apply to events or activities that are fully sponsored by Brown and have no involvement with a third party organization.