Within five (5) days of notification of the hearing/review meeting outcome, the respondent(s) may appeal in writing the decisions in the case, setting out the reason(s) for the appeal.  Appeals will be submitted to the Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services or their designee.  Appeals will normally be considered only when:

(1) there is relevant new evidence that was not reasonably available to be presented to the original hearing authority and that in the judgment of the appeal officer the introduction of the information may have changed the finding by the original hearing authority; or

(2) when a substantial procedural error by the University or hearing body/officer is demonstrated and in the reasonable judgment of the appeal officer such error is sufficient enough that it may have affected the decision of the original hearing authority.  

If the appeal officer determines that the appeal has merit, they may reduce the severity or terms of an outcome or may remand the matter to an appropriate hearing officer or body.