If you are found responsible for a Code violation, your community status outcome will fall along a range of increasing severity from a Reprimand to Expulsion, depending on the nature of the incident and your conduct history.

  • A Reprimand functions like a written warning and is considered completed as soon as it has been assigned.
  • Probation is a period of time during which you are expected to demonstrate better commitment to the Code of Student Conduct, as any incidents that occur during that time will be scrutinized more heavily and sanctioned more seriously.
  • Probation with Restrictions is a period of time during which your activities on campus may be restricted with the intention of encouraging increased focus on academic pursuits and strict adherence to the Code of Student Conduct without distractions. During Probation with Restrictions, a student is allowed to remain on campus but is not allowed to represent Brown University in any official capacity.
  • Suspension is a designated time a student must spend away from campus focusing on growth and development before being allowed to rejoin the campus community.
  • Expulsion is a permanent separation from the University.

All community status outcomes aside from Expulsion are typically accompanied by educational or restorative assignments called accompanying terms. If accompanying terms are not met by the deadlines assigned by the hearing officer/administrative reviewer, you may be charged with failure to comply with a proper directive and subjected to another disciplinary process.