D.5 Disruption of Safety

D.5.a Disruption of Fire Safety. Examples of this conduct include, but are not limited to, tampering with or improper activation of a fire alarm, covering or otherwise compromising the proper functioning of a smoke detector or fire sprinkler, deliberately or recklessly igniting or attempting to ignite an unauthorized fire on campus, and failure to evacuate during a fire alarm or fire drill.

D.4 Disruption of Community

Actions that are unreasonably disruptive to the University community and/or its neighborhoods. “Unreasonably disruptive” will be determined by a number of factors including those that inform local noise ordinances (time of day, decibels, duration) and established quiet hours and the magnitude of response necessary to address the disruption. Examples of this conduct include, but are not limited to, off-campus disturbances in residential and commercial areas surrounding campus and off-campus programs.

D.2 Bribery

Offering or causing to be offered any bribe or favor to any University employee in an attempt to influence a decision or action. This includes attempting to unduly influence a University proceeding, including a disciplinary proceeding outcome or appeal process.

D.1 Alcohol

D.1.a Alcohol: Illegal or unauthorized possession or use of alcohol. This includes possession of alcohol under the legal drinking age, possession of open containers of alcohol in unauthorized spaces, regardless of age, and operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

D.1.b Alcohol: Manufacture of alcohol.

D.1.c Alcohol: Sale, provision, or possession with intent to sell or provide alcohol in violation of law.