What happens if I am charged with a Code violation that is also a criminal or civil offense?

It is possible that the alleged Code of Student Conduct violation is also a potential criminal or civil offense. Therefore, it is possible that you may go through two different resolution systems. The resolution to the alleged Code violation will not take the result of any legal proceedings into account. The two processes are completely independent of each other.

What can I expect from my meeting with the investigator?

The investigator’s role is to gather as much relevant information as possible and write a comprehensive report to be reviewed by the Dean of Students. The investigator will ask you questions about your participation in or knowledge about the incident(s) under review and may solicit any documents or supporting evidence you may have. This could include text messages, bank statements, Facebook postings, or other relevant documents.

Is this process confidential?

Information about your hearing/meeting and its result is only shared with other University personnel who need to know. This may include representatives from Residential Life, the Dean of Students, or other parties that may be involved in or impacted by the outcome. We do not share any information with other students (except complainants under certain circumstances).

Do I have to participate in the hearing/review meeting?

You do not have to appear at the hearing/review meeting. If you do not appear, a decision about your responsibility and an appropriate community status/accompanying terms will be determined in your absence. The hearing officer/administrative reviewer will make this decision based on the evidence available to them. 

If you appear at the hearing/review meeting, you have the right to refrain from providing information that is self-incriminating. However, hearing officers/administrative reviewers are allowed to consider this in their decision-making process.

What information about my case gets reported to others?

If you are found responsible for a Code violation, our office will report it if asked. Internal to Brown University, we will share any violations and their resulting outcomes. For external constituents, we only report incidents that resulted in a community status outcome of Probation or above. We will not report any charges for which you were found not responsible, any warning letters, or any No Contact Orders.