Student Support Deans manage the academic support and outreach for all concussed undergraduate and graduate students and student-athletes on a short term bases.  Once our office is notified of a concussion, a dean will call each student to confirm that a dean’s note has been sent to faculty (informing professors of the injury and potential need for extensions and/or make up exams), and if helpful, will offer to arrange for a follow up phone call or appointment.  Approximately 48-72 hours following this phone call, a resource email is sent to each concussed student which reviews and confirms campus resources available.

Many students feel nearly recovered within 7-10 days of the injury; however, there are some for whom the recovery is a more prolonged process.  For these students, deans will schedule an appointment to discuss additional academic support options, such as an updated dean’s note, course load reduction, incomplete, or the possibility of a change in grade option (if decision is made prior to the deadline).  

Additionally, for students whose recovery is longer than a two week period,  and it has become evident that short term support will not be enough; deans will discuss the possibility of a referral to SEAS (Student Employee Accessibility Services) for a more comprehensive academic plan.