Previous Lectures: 1985-1994

Tom Brokaw

Anchor, NBC Nightly News

Abba Eban

former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations and the United States

Sir Curtis Keeble

former British Ambassador to the Soviet Union

John Ferch

former American Ambassador to Honduras; Brown University Diplomat-in-Residence

Mario Soares

President of the Republic of Portugal

Rinaldo Petrignani

Ambassador of Italy to the United States

Richard Schiffer

Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs

Emmanuel de Margerie

Ambassador of France to the United States

Thomas W. Simons Jr.

former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Canadian Affairs; Brown University Diplomat-in-Residence

Carlos Salinas de Gortari

President of Mexico

Brian Urquhart

former Under Secretary General of the United Nations for Special Political Affairs

Eduard Shevardnadze

former Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union

Mary Robinson

President of Ireland

M. Eugenia Charles

Prime Minister of Dominica

Boris Biancheri

Ambassador of Italy to the United States

Michael Zantovsky

Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the United States