Alcohol research studies

The following are alcohol research studies being conducted by the Brown University School of Public Health, which are looking for active participants:

Do You Drink Alcohol?

About: A non-treatment research study involving individuals who drink alcohol is being conducted at Brown University.

Who: Participants must be between 21 and 55 years of age.

Time involved: Study participation involves wearing an alcohol sensor on your wrist, and using a smartphone app to report on your alcohol use in daily life for a week.

Compensation: Participants will be compensated up to $100 to for their participation.

Note: All procedures are completed remotely (via videoconference).


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For more information (401) 863-6556
[email protected]


Study protocol #1909002545

Project Name: Project RAVEN

Who: We are seeking freshmen, sophomores and juniors at Brown who drink alcohol and want to contribute to an online research study on the development of novel health promotion programs.

About: Help to evaluate novel programs for potential use with other students.

Time involved: One Zoom session and three 30-minute online follow-up surveys

Compensation: Participants will be compensated up to $115 for their contribution to this study.

Complete this 3-minute survey to see if you're eligible 

Contact info: Email: [email protected];  Call: Melissa Hatch (401) 863-6631

Study info: Use of this website for recruiting participants has been approved under protocol #1906002478 by Brown's Human Research Protection Program.

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About: This study is a non-treatment study that involves receiving the oral administration of a medication under a stress-induced condition.

Who:  For participants who drink alcohol that are interested in seeking treatment, and are between the ages of 18 - 70.

Time Involved: Study participation involves 11 outpatient visits over 16 weeks.

Compensation: You may receive up to $650 for your time.

For more information please call (401) 863-6646, or email [email protected]

All calls/emails will be held in strict confidence

Developing Assessments for Social Helping

Who: Young adults ages 18-25 years old

About: Participation in this confidential study involves attending a 2 hour, in-person focus group, in which you will discuss what people might do when someone else is drinking too much.

Compensation:  You will receive up to $50 for taking part in the focus group.

Where: Focus groups will be held at 121 S Main St.

Contact Person: Kelli Birch at: (401)863-6336 or email: [email protected].

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Do You Drink Alcohol?

  • A non-treatment research study involving individuals who are heavy alcohol drinking individuals is being conducted at Brown University.
  • Study participation involves 6 outpatient visits over NINE weeks.
  • Study involves receiving the oral administration of a medication under stress-induced condition.
  • Participants must be between 21 and 65 years of age.
  • Participants may be compensated up to $348 for their participation.

For more information (401) 863-6646 or email at [email protected] 
All calls/emails will be held in strict confidence.

Alcohol dependent men and women are being sought to participate in a brown university research study. The study will examine the effects of a medication given orally under induced-stress condition on alcohol craving and drinking.

Eligible participants must be between twenty-one and sixty-five years of age. Participation in the study involves six outpatient visits over an eleven week period. Though participants need to be almost daily heavy drinkers they must not be seeking treatment for alcohol problems. Eligible study participants could receive up to $323. For more information please call (401) 863-6646.

All calls will be held in strict confidence.

Who: Participants must be: ages 21-55; free of health problems that require medication; able to consume alcohol safely; and able to attend 4 visits at our lab.

About: Interested in participating in research on alcohol use? Brown University is conducting a study on drinking and the immune system. This study does not involve medication or treatment. 

Time Involved: Up to 4 study visits

Compensation: Participants will be compensated up to $350 for their time and effort. 

Contact Information: Email: [email protected]; text: 401-523-8130; voice: 401-863-6640

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All participants must be age 21 and over

Are you interested in reducing or stopping your alcohol use? The Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University is testing whether a medication reduces alcohol use.

  • Weekly visits over an 10 week period·        
  • Answer questions about your health, alcohol use, and participate in 2 laboratory sessions
  • You are compensated for your time·        
  • Participation is confidential

If you’re interested, call Brianna at: (401) 863-6687 or email [email protected]

Marijuana and Alcohol Research Study (Project M.A.R.S.) is looking for volunteers in the Providence area ages 21-44. Eligible participants must be current alcohol drinkers and marijuana users to participate in confidential research on the effects of marijuana and alcohol at Brown University. Receive up to $407 by completing the study.
Follow the link to complete the initial online screening: []
Call 401-863-6688 or email [email protected] with any questions.  

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