Marijuana research studies

The following are marijuana research studies being conducted by the Brown University School of Public Health, which are looking for active participants:

Who: Age 18-30

About:  We are looking for research volunteers in the Providence area who drink alcohol and use cannabis regularly to participate in a paid confidential research study from Brown University. 

Time Involved: Participation involves completing interviews, filling out questionnaires, and the use of an alcohol sensor bracelet and smart phones to report on alcohol and other substance use in daily life for four weeks. Procedures will occur remotely (via videoconference) with the option of an in-person session.

Compensation:   Participants will be compensated up to $450 for their participation.

Contact: or (401) 863-6635

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Who: Project CannTalk is looking for volunteers ages 18-74. Eligible participants must be current cannabis users, cannabis growers, or budtenders to participate in confidential research at Brown University studying messages about cannabis.

About: Follow the link to complete the initial online screening: 

Compensation:  Receive up to $40 by completing the study.

Contact: Call 401-863-1367 or email [email protected] with any questions.

[Study Protocol #2022003281]

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About: Project MARS is looking for volunteers ages 21-50. Eligible participants must be current alcohol drinkers and cannabis users to participate in a confidential research study on the effects of cannabis and alcohol at Brown University. Participants will complete in-person study sessions and daily surveys in a phone app.

Compensation: Receive up to $572 by completing the study.

Contact: Call 401-863-6688 or email [email protected] with any questions.

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Study flyer

Study Protocol # 2022003195

Principal Investigator: Sarah Thomas, Ph.D.

Who: We are recruiting teens ages 14-17 with a range of marijuana use—from none to a lot. To be eligible, teens must have a parent or guardian willing to participate (we do not share substance use information with parents), and must not have braces, permanent retainer, or implanted metal.

About: The goal of this study is to understand behavior and brain activity related to how teens make decisions and respond to rewards because we want to understand how decision-making may differ based on teens’ amount of marijuana use.

Time involved: Participants will fill out questionnaires, play special computer games, & complete an MRI brain scan. The study requires 6 hours in 2-3 visits. Participants will receive a brief mental health assessment at no cost and will be compensated for their time.

Contact: For more information about the Teen Decision-making Study, call us at 401-365-4320, email us at [email protected]

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