Tobacco research studies

The following are alcohol research studies being conducted by the Brown University School of Public Health, which are looking for active participants:

Teen Smoking Research Study

  • Our study is interested in the effects that cigarettes containing lower levels of nicotine may have on teen smoking behavior.
  • Teen smokers between the ages of 15 and 20 are needed.
  • Participants can earn up to $523 for attending 5 study sessions.
  • If you are younger than 18 years old, you must have your parent’s permission to be in the study.
  • Travel to study sessions can be provided if necessary.

Call Jasmine at 401-863-6645 or email [email protected] for more information.



Who: LGBTQ Teens age 14-19

About: Are you a cigarette or e-cig smoker? Do you vape? or do you use tobacco products? Want to help the LGBTQ community? Participate in a research study on LGBTQ tobacco use at Brown University. 

Time Involved: 4-6 weeks.

Compensation: You may receive up to $245.

Contact Person: Brianna at [email protected], or

About: We are studying whether smokers are able to switch to an electronic cigarette (e-cig) in place of their usual brand cigarette. You will be provided with an e-cig and e-liquid at weekly visits - provided to you at no cost.

This is NOT a treatment study to help you quit smoking or vaping. 

Who: HIV-positive smokers who are unable or not ready to quit smoking. 

Time Involved: 8 study visits.

Compensation: You may receive up to $260 for attending all study visits.

Contact Person: Cathy - (401) 863-6680.

Who: 15 - 20 year-old cigarette smokers who have ever tried vaping are needed for a Brown University research study.

About: We are studying the effects of flavors and nicotine on tobacco use. This is NOT a treatment to help you quit smoking or vaping. If you are under the age of 18, you must have permission from a parent/guardian to be in the study.

Time Involved: 6 study visits.

Compensation: You may receive up to $400 for attending all 6 study visits.

Contact Person: Julissa - (401) 863-6635, Text (401) 680-6635, or Email [email protected]

Want to Quit Smoking? 

If so, you may be eligible to participate in a research study by Brown University investigators examining a medication to help alcohol drinkers who want to quit cigarette smoking. If eligible, participants receive, at no cost, a 6-week supply of nicotine patch and 6 individual sessions with a smoking cessation counselor, and study medication. In addition, participants may earn up to $150 for completing questionnaires and interviews. To learn more about the study, call 401-863-6681.

Have you received treatment for drinking or drug use in the past year? A 6-month research study is being conducted to compare the effects of smoking cigarettes that vary in nicotine content for 6 weeks. May earn up to $599 in store gift cards.

If interested call: (401) 863-6464 or toll-free at 1-877-374-6577