Robert Miranda

Dr. Miranda was a featured speaker in a recent virtual K99 Grant Writing Workshop!

Dr. Robert Miranda was a featured speaker in a virtual K99 Grant Writing Workshop organized by the Brown Postdoc Council (BPC) in partnership with the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at Biomed (OGPS). This workshop was held through Zoom on May 5th, 2020. As research activities have wound down, this is a great opportunity for postdocs to consider writing a grant. This workshop brought together excellent sessions and Q&A with experts, current K99 awardees, and reviewers from Brown.

Recently Dr. van den Berg with Drs. Operario and Stein has published two separate articles on (1) health disparities, and (2) motivational interviewing

Along with colleagues from Korea University, Drs. Jacob van den Berg and Don Operario published an article in the Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health on health disparities among transgender adults in South Korea.

Liz Aston

Dr. Aston was a conference co-chair of the Collaborative Perspectives on Addictions 2020 conference!

Dr. Elizabeth Aston was a conference co-chair of the Collaborative Perspectives on Addictions (CPA) 2020 conference. With a virtual poster session for CPA 4/16-4/17 - posters will be tweeted throughout both days from the Division 50 handle: @apadivision50. The schedule can be found at:

Congratulations to Dr. Monti, who has been awarded a prestigious Research Achievement Award from Brown!

Congratulations! Our Center Director, Dr. Peter Monti, has been awarded a prestigious Research Achievement Award from Brown! The Research Achievement Awards honor exceptional scholars across a wide range of disciplines. More information is contained in the Brown announcement:

Alexander Sokolovsky

Congratulations to Dr. Sokolovsky who recently received a 5-year research grant!

Dr. Alexander Sokolovsky received a 5-year grant titled, "Dual Use of ENDS and Combustible Cigarettes: Shared, Distinct, and Cross-Conditioned Processes." This project will examine the drivers of dual use of traditional and electronic cigarettes in young adults, both in the laboratory and in the natural environment.

Congratulations to Dr. Helseth who recently received a NIDA K23 grant!

Dr. Sarah Helseth received a NIDA K23 grant for her study, entitled "Development and Preliminary Testing of an Adjunct Smartphone App to Reduce Marijuana use in Court-Involved, Non-Incarcerated Adolescents." This 5-year study will explore the mobile health needs and preferences of teens in the juvenile justice system, to build a new smartphone app to help teens cut down on their marijuana use. Congratulations!

Kate Carey

Dr. Carey recently published a paper

Dr. Kate Carey and colleagues published paper entitled "Correcting Exaggerated Drinking Norms With a Mobile Message Delivery System: Selective Prevention With Heavy-Drinking First-Year College Students." They sent 10 weeks of daily text messages containing accurate campus drinking norms to first year college students.

Drs. Becker and Helseth have a new publication in the Substance Abuse Journal!

Congratulations to Sara Becker and Sarah Helseth on their new publication in Substance Abuse! Studying moderators of treatment outcome is important to help match patients to treatment.