Dr. Stevens Published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors

Dr. Angela Stevens recently published a paper that qualitatively characterized young adults' intentions and willingness for heavy drinking. Her manuscript, "A qualitative examination of intentions and willingness for heavy drinking among young adult high-intensity drinkers" was published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors with co-authors, Holly Boyle and Drs.

"The Scientist" Interviewed Dr. Haass-Koffler

Dr. Carolina Haass-Koffler, who studies mechanisms of addiction and drug treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), was interviewed by "The Scientist" where she was asked to comment on the recently published manuscript by Jin and colleagues, "Brain Ethanol Metabolism by Astrocytic ALDH2 Drives the Behavioural Effects of Ethanol Intoxication" in the journal Nature Metabolism.

Dr. Treloar Padovano Receiving the Early Career Investigator Award from the Research Society on Alcoholism

Dr. Hayley Treloar Padovano recently received notice that she is receiving the Early Career Investigator Award from the Research Society on Alcoholism. This award is given to an individual who has demonstrated themselves to be a motivated thinker and a leader at a young stage in their academic career. Dr.

Dr. Scott Recently Hosted Twitter Chat Discussing Health Professional Stigma in Opioid Treatment Settings

Dr. Kelli Scott recently hosted the Addiction Science Journal Club’s first Twitter Chat discussing her manuscript, “Health Professional Stigma as a Barrier to Contingency Management Implementation in Opioid Treatment Programs” on Friday, March 12th. The study was funded by an Opioids COBRE awarded to Dr.

Dr. Merrill Receives Early Career Research Achievement Award from Brown University

Dr. Jennifer Merrill to receive an Early Career Research Achievement Award from Brown University! In recognition of high-impact research and fundamental discoveries, the University will celebrate the work of six researchers with achievement awards presented at this spring’s 2021 Celebration of Research in May. 

Dr. Kearns Gave an Invited Lecture at TAMIU

Dr. Nathan Kearns recently gave an invited lecture  on contextuality and substance-impaired driving at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) on March 18th. 

Dr. Berey Registration Award Winner for 2021 Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction

Dr. Benjamin Berey, CAAS Postdoctoral Fellow, is a Registration Award Winner for the APA Division 50 Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction (CPA) Conference 2021 that Dr. Liz Aston is serving on as a co-chair. Dr. Berey received this award for his research on the similarities and differences in preferences and use patterns among recreational and medical cannabis users.