Dr. Jacob Van den Berg has Two New Publications!

Dr. Jacob van den Berg recently pulished, "Recommendations for Intervention Content to Enhance HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Uptake among Men Who have Sex with Men Receiving Care at Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics" in Journal of Men's Health! 

Highlight from the PrEP intervention article (Nunn et al.),

"Brief interventions to enhance PrEP uptake among MSM in STD clinics should include efforts to raise self-awareness of HIV risk, provide information about PrEP’s efficacy relative to other interventions, underscore PrEP’s relatively few side effects, and provide culturally tailored messaging (Nunn et al.)"

Dr. Jacob van den Berg also recently published, "Vital Voices: HIV Prevention and Care Interventions Developed for Disproportionately Affected Communities by Historically Underrepresented, Early-Career Scientists" in the Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities!

Highlight from the Vital Voices article (Sutton et al.),

"Focused funding that supports historically underrepresented scientists and their HIV prevention and care intervention research can help facilitate reaching national goals to reduce HIV-related disparities and end the HIV epidemic."