Dr. Khanna Published in Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering

Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Dr. Aditya Khanna, recently published, "Projecting the number of new HIV infections to formulate the "Getting to Zero" strategy in Illinois, USA" in the journal Mathematical and Biosciences and Engineering. This manuscript focuses on informing antiretroviral treatment (ART) and prexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake to inform the Getting to Zero (GTZ)  initiatives in Illinois. Three different modeling approaches, two using statistical time series analysis and one using stochastic stimulations, were used to project HIV incidence among a key population, young Black MSM (YBMSM), over the course of the GTZ implementation period (2016–2030).  Results from this study suggested that simultaneously increasing PrEP and ART uptake is likely to be more effective than increasing only one, but increasing ART and PrEP by 20% points may not eliminate new HIV infections among YBMSM and all three methods consistently project that increasing ART and PrEP by 30% simultaneously can help reach GTZ goals.