RSMj 2021 Conference CAAS Posters

The Research Society on Marijuana 2021 Conference took place virtually on July 23, 2021 and featured a poster session via their Twitter account! You can view a full list of all the posters presented at the conference via the RSMj website and view the posters from CAAS faculty, staff, and colleagues below!  


Poster Title: Parental Rejection, Cannabis Craving, and Alcohol Craving Among Sexual Minority Youth

Authors: Jamie E. Parnes, Ethan H. Mereish, Samuel N. Meisel, Hayley Treloar Padovano, and Robert Miranda Jr.

Poster Title: Unplanned vs. Planned Simultaneous Alcohol and Cannabis Use in Daily Life: What are the Motives, Contexts, and Outcomes?

Authors: Angela K. Stevens, Rachel L. Gunn, Holly K. Boyle, Helene R. White, Kristina M. Jackson

Poster Title: Initial Validation of a Brief Assessment of Cannabis Demand Among Young Adult College Students

Authors: Benjamin L. Berey, Elizabeth R. Aston, Ricarda K. Pritschmann, Cara M Murphy, Ali M. Yurasek

Poster Title: Cannabis Demand and Use Among Veterans: A Prospective Examination

Authors: Elizabeth R. Aston, Lidia Z. Meshesha, Angela K. Stevens, Brian Borsari, Jane Metrik

Poster Title: Prenatal Cannabis Use: Symptom Modulation and Contextual Influences

Authors: Lauren Micalizzi, Danya Price, Rachel L. Gunn

Poster Title: Validation of the Marijuana Purchase Task Among Adolescent Marijuana Users

Authors: Nicole R. Schultz, Elizabeth R. Aston, Jane Metrik, & Jason J. Ramirez