Dr. Kearns Interviewed in APA Division 50 Podcast

In the most recent The Addiction Psychologist Podcast episode (17:50-28:17), current postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Nathan Kearns, discussed his poster,  "Effect of Trauma-Related Stress After Alcohol Consumption on Perceived Likelihood of Negative Consequences and Willingness to Drive" that he will be presenting at the Annual Addiction Psychological Association 2021 Convention on Friday, August 13, 2021 at 5:00PM ET. Dr. Kearns also received an Early Career Research Award for the 2021 APA Convention where he will be receiving a registration waiver and award. 

The Addiction Psychologist Podcast is the official podcast of APA Division 50 and is co-hosted by former CAAS postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Noah Emery.