CAAS to Conduct its First Pilot Trial of Psychedelics

MDMA crystals

Drs. Christy Capone, Erica Eaton, and Carolina Haass-Koffler have received funding from the OVPR and the CADRE to conduct the first pilot trial of psychedelics at CAAS, under a grant entitled "Safety, feasibility, and acceptability of MDMA-assisted therapy for the treatment of co-occurring alcohol use disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder in veterans."

The research team will be evaluating MDMA-assisted therapy for military veterans with co-occurring posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and alcohol use disorders. They will recruit 12 veterans with PTSD and alcohol use problems -- all will receive MDMA-assisted therapy delivered by trained therapists. The researchers hope to show that this treatment is feasible to deliver with this population, and that there is preliminary evidence of its efficacy.

Detailed information about the study can be found here