Dr. Robert Miranda and Team Launch New Website

Dr. Robert Miranda and his lab have launched a brand new website to highlight their work with Vista Clinical Research Group. Faculty and postdoctoral fellows affiliated with the Vista Clinical Research Group — including scientists from Brown University, Bradley Hospital, Lifespan Health System, and beyond — share a passion for advancing knowledge and clinical care for people who struggle with addiction.

Dr. Zelaya Published in Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity

Dr. David Zelaya recently published "Psychometric validation and extension of the LGBT people of Color Microaggressions Scale with a sample of sexual minority BIPOC college students" in the journal Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity. Dr. Zelaya's research provides further rigorous statistical support and evidence for researchers and clinicians to use the LGBT People of Color Microaggressions Scale.

Dr. Meisel Published in BMC Psychology

Dr. Matthew Meisel had a paper accepted for publication in the journal BMC Psychology. In the manuscript, in a sample of emerging adults who never attended 4-year college, the authors found that most of the sample experienced some form of education-based stigma and discrimination and that these experiences were associated with worse mental health symptoms.

Cioe Smoking Cessation Lab Starts Facebook Page

The Cioe Smoking Cessation Lab, led by Dr. Patricia Cioe, now has its very own Facebook page. Please feel free to check out for more information about upcoming smoking cessation studies.

Dr. Capone Publishes Primary Outcomes on Trauma Informed Guilt Reduction

Dr. Christy Capone and colleagues recently published primary outcomes of an RCT funded by the DoD examining a psychotherapy focused on trauma-related guilt and shame in post-9/11 veterans. Results found that Trauma Informed Guilt Reduction (TrIGR) resulted in significant reductions in guilt and PTSD and depressive symptoms as compared to Supportive Care Therapy. The research appears in the journal Depression and Anxiety.


Dr. Cioe Election to Board of Directors and Presented at ANAC

Dr. Patricia Cioe, Associate Professor in the Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences, was an invited speaker at the Annual Association of Nurses in AIDS Care (ANAC) conference in Washington DC, being held November 10-13, 2021. At the ANAC conference on November 11, 2021 Dr. Cioe presented, "Kicking the Habit: Innovative Interventions for Smoking Cessation in People with HIV Who Smoke" discussing her recent and ongoing work in this area.