Congratulations to Dr. Meshesha on winning the Sharon Chauncey Fellow Award, and the 2021 Diversity Chair!

Congratulations to Lidia Meshesha, 2nd year T32 fellow, on winning the Sharon Chauncey Fellow Award! This award is given annually by the T32 fellows in recognition of the 2nd year fellow that best embodies the generous and collegial spirit of Sharon Chauncey.

Leadership announcement for the 2021 Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction Conference! Dr. Lidia Meshesha, CAAS T32 fellow, is the 2021 Diversity Chair! Dr. Meshesha has an impressive track record of continued leadership service, previously having served as Peer Review Chair and a member of the Diversity Committee. 

Dr. Pielech recently published an article in The Journal of the International Association for the Study of Pain.

"Dr. Melissa Pielech's recent publication, titled "Receipt of Multiple Outpatient Opioid Prescriptions Is Associated With Increased Risk of Adverse Outcomes in Youth: Opioid Prescribing Trends, Individual Characteristics, and Outcomes From 2005 to 2016," was selected as an Editor's Choice article in PAIN the journal.

Suzanne Colby

Congratulations to Dr. Colby, recently named Deputy Regional Editor (of the Americas) for Addiction.

 Congratulations to Dr. Suzanne Colby, who has recently been named Deputy Regional Editor (of the Americas) for Addiction.

This is the webpage for the Editorial Board:

Molly Magill

Dr. Magill presented a podcast in Spring 2020 and contributed on a publication.

Molly Magill, PhD presented the following podcast in Spring 2020; the podcast has been posted. Titled: Stop. Be Present. Listen. Why Motivational Interviewing is an Important Tool in Recovery with Dr. Molly Magill This podcast presents a monthly forum with leading researchers in Addictions, and targets Smart Recovery facilitators, members, and the broader public.

Congratulations to Morayo Akande on her first First-authored publication!

Congratulations! Morayo "Mo" Akande and Dr. Patricia Cioe submitted a manuscript titled "Resilience is associated with importance of quitting in homeless adult smokers" which was accepted for publication. Dr. Cioe said "Mo was my advisee as both an Undergraduate Honors student and an MPH student. As you know she is amazing and this is her first first-authored publication!"

Akande, M, Cioe, PA, Glasser, I, Hirsch, E. Resilience is associated with importance of quitting in homeless adult smokers. Addictive Behaviors, in press.

Dr. Cassidy published a paper on E-cigarette measurement.

Dr. Rachel Cassidy published a paper on E-cigarette measurement. This paper validated a measure of reward from e-cigarette use in users of tank-style e-cigarettes.

Dr. Sokolovsky recently published two papers in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Dr. Alexander Sokolovsky published a paper in Drug and Alcohol Dependence titled, "Alcohol and marijuana co-use: Consequences, subjective intoxication, and the operationalization of simultaneous use." This paper examines day-level risks of alcohol and marijuana co-use versus single substance use and explores whether different approaches to defining "simultaneous" versus "concurrent" result in additional risk.

Robert Miranda

Dr. Miranda was a featured speaker in a recent virtual K99 Grant Writing Workshop!

Dr. Robert Miranda was a featured speaker in a virtual K99 Grant Writing Workshop organized by the Brown Postdoc Council (BPC) in partnership with the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at Biomed (OGPS). This workshop was held through Zoom on May 5th, 2020. As research activities have wound down, this is a great opportunity for postdocs to consider writing a grant. This workshop brought together excellent sessions and Q&A with experts, current K99 awardees, and reviewers from Brown.