Drs. Mollie Monnig and Peter Monti had an article accepted for publication!

Drs. Mollie Monnig and Peter Monti have had an article titled Cerebral Metabolites on the Descending Limb of Acute Alcohol: A Premiliminary 1H MRS, accepted for publication in Alcohol and Alcoholism. Their study examined metabolic changes in the brain on the descending limb of blood alcohol concentration. Congratulations to both!

Dr. Bernstein co-authored an article in BMJ-Evidence Based Medicine

Dr. Bernstein co-authored an article in BMJ-Evidence Based Medicine, led by Dr. Charlotte Blease at Harvard University. We critique the methodology of open-label placebo trials and argue that the quality of this research depends, in large part, upon the comparison condition. Dr. Blease presented this research, also co-authored by Dr. Cosima Locher (University of Plymouth), as an invited speaker at the Society for Interdisciplinary Placebo studies Conference in Leiden, Netherlands.

Dr. Jennier Tidey received a promotion from the Nicotine & Tobacco Research journal

Dr. Jennifer Tidey was promoted to Deputy Editor of the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research, for which she had been an Associate Editor since 2008.

Dr. Kahler presented on how Alcohol Research Center on HIV helped improve health.

Dr. Kahler provided an overview of how the Alcohol Research Center on HIV has been using scientific evidence to understand how counseling on heavy alcohol use can reduce the spread of HIV and improve the health of those living with HIV.

Dr. Patricia Cioe

Dr. Cioe was awarded "Nurse Researcher of the Year!"

Dr. Patricia Cioe was nominated by her colleagues for the annual Excellence in Nursing Awards in the State of Rhode Island and was chosen as the Nurse Researcher of the Year! An article in the upcoming September issue of RI Monthly will highlight each of the winners and an awards reception to honor each of the recipients will be held in late September.

Carolina Haass-Koffler

Dr. Haass-Koffler received the ACNP Travel Award!

Dr. Carolina Haass-Koffler has received the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) Travel Award. The ACNP annually selects distinguished young scientists in the field of neuropsychopharmacology to be part of our travel award program. These travel awards offer an opportunity to attend an outstanding scientific program in clinical and basic research on brain-behavior-drug interactions.

Dr. Jacob van den Berg co-authored an article for AIDS Care

Dr. van den Berg and other Brown colleagues co-authored an article entitled "Open pilot trial of a brief motivational interviewing-based HIV PrEP intervention for MSM: Preliminary effects, and evidence of feasibility and acceptability" that was published in AIDS Care.

Rosemarie Martin

Dr. Rosemarie Martin was an opening panel member at the National Opioid Leadeship Summit!

Dr. Martin was a member of opening panel 'Inside Out – Exploring Cross Sector Collaboration for Maximum Impact' and breakout panel 'Leaning in-How criminal justice can integrate treatment, accelerate recovery and prevent arrests' at the National Opioid Leadership Summit in Sacramento June 24 - 25. The U.S. General Jerome Adams was the opening plenary speaker.