CESH Snacks and Synthesis Lecture Series

The Center for Evidence Synthesis in Health is dedicated to advancing the state of knowledge about what works in health care.

Come join us for a series of lectures about the findings from our latest round of systematic reviews. Each event will also feature an overview of our methods and some tools for conducting your own evidence synthesis. We’ll also provide breakfast or lunch.

TBD | 12 pm | Room 247: Treatments for substance use disorders among adolescents.

Dr. Dale Steele, Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics, and Professor of Health Services, Policy & Practice. This review was intended to inform the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as they develop guidelines for “best practices” to reduce or cease substance use among adolescents.

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TBD | 12 pm  | Room 275:  Treatments for acute diverticulitis.

Dr. Ethan Balk, Associate Professor of Health Services, Policy & Practice. This review was nominated by the American College of Physicians to support a planned clinical practice guideline on medical management of diverticulitis.

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TBD | 9 am | Room 275: Management of opioid-related harms in older adults.

Dr. Andrew Zullo, Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy & Practice. This technical brief provides a framework for understanding how to reduce adverse outcomes of opioid use among older adults and to describe the evidence available for different predictors of and interventions to reduce opioid-related harms.

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