Kristin Konnyu


Dr. Konnyu has over 15 years’ experience in the conduct of systematic reviews across a diverse range of clinical and health service areas (e.g., cardiology, rehabilitation, implementation research). She has also conducted research on methods of conducting evidence synthesis and implementing evidence into practice (i.e., implementation science). In collaboration with numerous multidisciplinary teams, Dr. Konnyu has coordinated numerous evidence syntheses on healthcare interventions, healthcare outcomes, and implementation programs, and contributed to methodological advances in both evidence syntheses (e.g., rapid reviews, living systematic reviews, analysis of complex interventions) and implementation research (e.g., AIMD framework, comparative evaluation of implementation taxonomies). Dr. Konnyu's doctoral research focused on improving the methods of synthesizing evidence from primary studies of implementation research, specifically, addressing challenges related to study of complex interventions in diabetes quality improvement trials.