Aging Mindfully: Cultivating Joy, Resilience and Wisdom

Elana Rosenbaum, LICSW

4 weeks

Starts October 23, 2109

Wednesdays 10 am -12 pm, October 23, 30, Nov 6, 13

Location: Providence, RI

“Dying is not what I worry about it is how am I living.”

“The purpose of meditation is so you can enjoy your old age.”
Suzuki Roshi

Aging is challenging and an opportunity for transformation as we face change and enter into the final stage of our lives. Finding peace and acceptance as we reflect on the regrets and accomplishments, the losses and gains requires patience, compassion and courage. Mindfulness allows us to face our past with perspective so we can enter into the present with wisdom, understanding and gratitude. We will be doing this through guided meditation, reflection and inquiry as well as journaling. There will be group discussion and dialogue.


1. Be able to examine our past within the context of the human condition of aging, illness, loss and death through mindfulness.
2. Deepen our meditation practice to investigate the challenges of aging and make peace with our losses and regrets to better enter into the present.
3. Examine our core values and discover what is most important to us and is relevant to the final stage of our lives.

Location: Mindfulness Center at Brown, Providence, RI


Registration Deadline: October 21

Program Type: Open to All