Consultation for MBSR Teachers: Exploring Topics in Teaching

Location: Live Online via Zoom

There may be moments when MBP trainees, teachers, supervisors/mentors, or trainers would benefit from one—or several—individual mentoring sessions to enhance their understanding of various topics related to the Teacher Training Pathway. These sessions can meet specific needs that may not be readily met in the formal, group programs, nor in the formal 10-sessions of individual mentoring leading to Teacher Certification. 

Examples of queries that might benefit from such support, along with the number of sessions that are typically helpful, include:

For MBP trainees and teachers: 

  • Working with challenging participants (1-2 sessions)
  • Investigating personal patterns as they arise in the classroom (1-3 sessions)
  • Preparing for certification (1 session)
  • Review, refinement and clarification of MBI:TAC domains for personal reflection (1-3 sessions)
  • Preparing audio recordings (1-2 sessions)
  • Reflecting on personal practice and its relationship to teaching (1-5 sessions)
  • Clarifications for specific populations, including trauma or diversity issues, and choices for adapting, if necessary  (1-3 sessions)
  • Refinement in inquiry (1-5 sessions; note: this would be specifically for those who’ve already taken an inquiry course) 

For MBP trainers, supervisors/mentors: 

  • Working with challenging mentees/supervisees (1-3 sessions)
  • Investigating personal patterns as they arise in trainings (1-3 sessions)
  • Refining and deepening comprehension of explicit and implicit learning as it develops and is brought forth in trainings and mentoring/supervision (1-5 sessions)
  • Developing training materials (1-3 sessions)
  • Identifying and explicating key learnings in a variety of MBP topics in trainings, including underpinnings, ethos, MBI:TAC, inclusion and trauma, etc. (1-5 sessions)

Sessions may include review of class or training plans, review of teaching or training films, review of audio recordings, transcripts (if needed), and reflections. The mentor may offer recommendations for learning, including reading, study, or other resources. 

Each session is $175 per hour. 

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Program Type: Teacher Training