MBSR Individual Mentoring

Mindfulness Center

Location: Live Online via Zoom

10 Sessions (required for Certification): While actively teaching the 8-week MBSR program, the developing MBSR teacher refines teaching skills, attitudes and perspectives with the guidance and support of a senior teacher-mentor via video-conferencing. This dynamic, relational process, founded in mutual respect and care, establishes a safe space for the MBSR teacher to explore teaching challenges, strengths, misunderstandings and breakthroughs. The mentee is invited to investigate curriculum comprehension, relational teaching, approaches to meeting challenges as well as moments of ease and freedom. 

Employing the MBI-TAC rubric as a means to explore learning edges and growth, the mentee is strongly encouraged to film their teaching for the entire cycle of mentoring. The mentee reviews their weekly program films, and chooses short (3-7 minute) clips to share with the mentor during the mentoring session (supportive documentation on all aspects of filming is provided, including consent form language for participants). Mentors strive to view between 4-7 clips of the mentee’s teaching. These may be moments of dialogue, practice, or program transitions. It might be a challenging moment or a moment of skillful clarity.

While the mentee sets intentions for learning at the beginning of the process, much is revealed in the program films. Together, the mentor and mentee investigate and explore what is happening in the program week to week: in the teacher, the group, and the unfolding curriculum. 

Assignments, materials, and suggestions for further study and reflection may be offered by the mentor to support learning.

Individual mentoring culminates in a written bidirectional reflection and assessment process to articulate learning, and provide feedback and recommendations for next steps. 

At the conclusion of MBSR One-to-One Mentoring, teachers will be able to:

  • Apply investigation and inquiry skills about their teaching in relation to the MBSR curriculum;
  • Identify areas of strength and continued growth expressed in the MBI:TAC rubric;
  • Review attitudes that contribute to the refinement of teaching MBSR.

Ongoing Mentorship: As part of ongoing good practice guidelines, all teachers are encouraged to have regular contact with other teachers, guides, and mentors. Formal mentoring—two to five sessions per cycle—can be arranged at any time. Please contact [email protected] to arrange. 


Please note that registering for this program is a two step process: First please complete the Program Application and second is the Registration and Payment. Please apply at least 6 weeks before your scheduled Orientation in order to have time to review your application and assign you a mentor. 

If you have questions about using the Zoom platform here are some instructions for Zoom.

10 Sessions 

PROGRAM FEE: $1950.00

Program Type: Teacher Training