Meeting in the Heart

Mindfulness Center

The Practice of Relational Mindfulness

August 23 - 28, 2020

Location: National Program

Our greatest human joys and sorrows thread through the fabric of our deepest relationships. From our earliest days, survival depends on care from and connection with others. Arising from multiple factors, our relationships offer sustenance and sorrow, disappointment and solace, joy, and vulnerability, and can lead to freedom and love. This week we focus on the cultivation of awareness, presence, mental stability, and calmness as resources and capacities to meet the natural conflicts, confusions and stresses of relating.

This relational retreat supports greater awareness and steadiness while alone and in your interactions with others, through the practice of Insight Dialogue. Insight Dialogue, a relational meditation practice, founded by Gregory Kramer, PhD, brings together meditation, wisdom teachings, and relationship. In this 5-day retreat, meditation is cultivated seamlessly with silence and dialogue as we reflect on universal themes and draw from innate and collective wisdom. With a shared intention to wake up together, meditators, share the vitality of presence while engaging with one another.


TEACHER: Florence Meleo-Meyer

LOCATION: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

Program Type: Open to All