Brown Land Acknowledgment

Brown has developed an official land acknowledgment as part of a set of commitments to build a better understanding of the relationship between the University, the Indigenous peoples of this region, and the land on which Brown is situated.

After a year-long exploration of what “land acknowledgment” means for Brown University in the context of its relationship to Native and Indigenous peoples and lands, the University adopted in May 2022 a set of commitments to establish a foundation for advancing education and broader meaningful engagement about actions and programming that Brown can pursue. 

These commitments include a formal land acknowledgment statement to recognize, honor and create a meaningful acknowledgment of the Narragansett Indian Tribe and their connection to the land on College Hill, as well as a commitment to strengthen investment in scholarship and education. Land acknowledgment often is considered as a first step in a process of truth-telling and a commitment to building understanding of, and accountability to, a history of dispossession.


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