The Reversibility Network  

Mindfulness Intervention: Reversibility Network Research  

Target Health Outcome: Early life adversity (ELA) on aging processes 

Summary: A growing body of both animal and human evidence now highlights the long-term and dramatic impacts that ELAs can have on later life outcomes, including a range of negative health and social consequences. Novel behavioral interventions are being developed, including mindfulness interventions, that hold promise and preliminary evidence to be effective when provided in mid- and later-life for people exposed to ELA. However, adult ELA interventions remain minimally researched, representing strong potential for discovery. Newer methodologies offer significantly greater opportunities to illuminate mechanisms linking ELA to adult outcomes. The Reversibility Network aims to galvanize researchers’ and public interest in promoting collaborative, interdisciplinary collaboration to discover key ways to reverse or remediate the health impacts of ELA.

Principal Investigator: Eric Loucks

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