MBSR 2: Expanding Your Practice, Ecology of Mind-Body Health

Have you taken MBSR, MBCT, or a similar course? Looking for the “next steps” to expand or restart your practice?

MBSR 2: Expanding Your Practice, Ecology of Mind-Body Health

MBSR 2 builds on the experiential foundation and understanding of mindfulness and meditation established in MBSR. Mobilizing your natural human resources for learning and flourishing, MBSR 2 supports participants systematically cultivating both physical and mental well-being, while strengthening and expanding mindfulness practices learned in MBSR.

Join us to explore how curiosity, energy, joy, focus, and balance can help strengthen awareness and help you access to your innate resources through mindfulness practice. 

New in this course are two key themes that were part of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s original intentions for MBSR:  

  • our relationship to consumption, and 
  • our relationship to the environment. 

An emphasis on kindness and compassion practices will further support integrating mindfulness into your daily life.

MBSR 2 builds on MBSR and research showing positive improvements in experience in pain, stress, anxiety and depression. MBSR integrates insight, clarity, and agency into the interconnectedness of your life.

Responding wisely to choices in our lives means considering, and engaging with, our internal, individual, social, global and natural environments. Through deepening and expanding mindfulness practice, MBSR 2 helps you enhance skills of resilience and well-being while establishing greater capacity to flourish in your roles and experiences.

In this program, you will:

  • Be guided to further grow and deepen your mindfulness practice;
  • Strengthen your ability to respond to stress while building resilience and flourishing;
  • Extend mindfulness and healthy life-style choices to diet and physical activity;
  • Investigate your relationship with your personal and natural environment.

 This eight-week program includes a pre and post meeting with the teacher, weekly 2.5 hour classes and an all-day retreat class after week 5.


Completion of a full MBSR, MBCT, Mb-RP, MB-BP, MB-College, or MB-EAT, program;
Commitment to attend all classes and apply the life-style practices into daily life. 

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