UMass Memorial Health Care and Mindfulness Center at Brown: Pathway for MBSR Teacher Training

We are pleased to be working closely with UMASS Memorial Health Care’s Center for Mindfulness to provide a transition pathway for those wishing to continue with their MBSR teacher training.  For those mid-stream to becoming an MBSR teacher, you are welcome to continue with your training through this collaboration by completing the transfer application.  


For those who wish to begin the MBSR teacher training through this collaboration, please complete this transfer application as well:  UMMHC TO BROWN TRANSFER APPLICATION




QUESTION:  I have completed everything required for Certification through UMMHC. Do I have to fulfill other requirements? What is the process of Certification through Brown?

ANSWER:  You are eligible for certification review to become certified with your prior requirements if you meet the following criteria: 

Completed the UMMHC MBSR teacher pathway through supervision

Participated in at least 4 silent, teacher-led retreats; two of which were at least 5 days long and 2 of which were at least 7 days long

Taught at least 8 cycles of in-person MBSR

If the review of your materials results in a successful assessment, you will be certified. Occasionally, a participant is asked to submit an additional video or attend another mentoring session to meet MBI-TAC criteria. You will be guided carefully through this process, if necessary.

Brown has two submission deadlines for completing your certification: Sept 30 (review to be completed by Dec 31), and Jan 30 (review completed by April 30.) 

Click here for more specifics about the requirements needed for the assessment process to complete your training to become an MBSR teacher.


QUESTION:  What is the Brown certification process?

ANSWER: At Brown we are closely aligned with the validated process used at Bangor and Oxford Universities to assess their teachers for certification. Submission materials include:

Successful completion letters from all formal course programs:

  • MBSR Foundations (or equivalent)
  • Teacher Advancement Intensive (or equivalent)
  • MBSR Individual Mentoring or Supervision (10 sessions) (or equivalent)
  • Attendance at least four qualifying retreats
  • Submission of Class 5 of the MBSR course is required. Other class films may be requested if the reviewed needs more information about your teaching in order to complete this assessment.
  • A brief written statement conveying your personal understanding of the ethos and ethics of MBSR. (250 words)
  • The individual mentoring assessment from you and your mentor.

Submission of collateral class materials:

  • Class plans
  • Home practice sheets
  • Guided audio practice recordings
  • List of classes taught (dates, number of participants)
  • CV


QUESTION:  What if I have not done individual supervision and want to complete my certification training through Brown. What are my next steps? 

ANSWER:  You are eligible for individual mentoring: 10 sessions. Mentoring has many aspects and offers a unique and supportive environment for deepening skill, enhanced confidence, and a richer understanding of the MBSR teacher training curriculum.  Important refinements on working with trauma in the MBSR classroom and increasing teacher sensitivity to issues of diversity and inclusion, and world events that may impact the class have been added to our curricula.  Mentoring also includes the teacher filming themselves while teaching, reviewing and reflecting on their recordings, and sharing clips with their mentor at various points in the mentoring process. 

In addition, exploring the nature of "taking the teacher's seat" in the MBSR classroom allows a perspective on one's meditation practice and how that translates in teaching, as well as where personal patterns may hinder clear seeing, and how the potential for being "undone" that happens in the MBSR classroom can be a lens for our own personal and professional growth. The MBI:TAC offers a stable platform to assess and guide the mentoring process. 

At the end of the mentoring process, mentees complete a reflection & assessment of their experience and learning, and the mentor offers developmental feedback  


QUESTION:  What are tuition costs? 

ANSWER:  Click here for a complete list of tuitions for courses.  


For addition information, please contact us at [email protected].