What is an Information Session?



An “Information Session” brings together teachers and participants for presentations and conversations about our classes and your goals. 

Information Sessions are held several times per year and are a great place to learn about the different classes that are available. 

The Information Session is open to anyone. Information Sessions are designed for people considering which class to take and for people already registered for a class looking for more information. Information sessions are also great for people with questions about Mindfulness in general. 

If you are new to mindfulness, if you are looking to understand the difference between classes, or you just want some additional information about a class you are considering or have already signed up for, an Information Session is a great place to hear presentations, ask questions, and speak directly with a teacher. 

Please register and come to our Information Session to learn more about our wide variety of classes available. 

PLEASE NOTE: An “Information Session” is different from an “Orientation.” An Information Session is not required and is an introduction to all the classes being offered. Orientations are for a specific class and is required. Learn more about Orientations here


Photos below are from a recent Information Session and Open House